About Me

Hey guys, my name is Chris. A lot of people call me Che. I have always been into the out of doors and survival skills, both wild and domestic, and spent much of my life studying them on my own. In 2010 my wife passed away (literally in my arms). You can imagine how that must be, and all I can say is thank God for friends and family.  Several months later I landed a job at a nature center. From there I started teaching Native American skills and culture, and also became one of the educators for the nature programs. In teaching I discovered a life's passion, and soon became a respected Naturalist (that does not mean nudist! lol). I now offer private programs and events, and I am working hard at making a name for myself. One aspect that has me hooked on teaching is the fact that I can constantly improve how people treat both the Earth and each other. Living things mean a lot to me, I care deeply for humans as a whole, and just about every other living thing. Life has been filled with many difficult struggles, but also moments of triumph. And I have been blessed enough to experience a multitude of amazing things that usually only characters in movies get to do. I am using this blog and my youtube channels to share with you the magic and wonder of the world through my eyes!


  1. Thank goodness for caring and optimistic people like you in this world. There certainly aren’t enough of them though. I just found it, but I love your YouTube channel, and what I’ve seen of your blog. Thank you for doing what you do and I hope you keep on doing it!

  2. Watched your ambush bug video....very well done!