Saturday, February 4, 2017

The beauty of a summer storm rolling over the land.

             This is one of those storms where first, you start out with a nice, hot summer afternoon. Then, you notice a dark mass far on the horizon. Minutes go by as the breeze dies down and the flights of birds and insects alike, seem to become a figment of our imagination. We hear the robins singing their storm song as we look toward the horizon yet again, only to notice the black skies are nearly upon us. Like some rolling cavalry of iron giants. It just takes but ten minutes before the wind and rain slams into everything as the world about us becomes the realm of shadows. Releasing a thousand determined breaths, laden heavily, with sheets of water and leaves, dancing about like phantoms set loose from some ancient urn. Trees bending, air screaming and raindrops pounding the earth is something I long for when summers cadence has long since gone to rest to allow winter to move in and stake its claim. This video consists of me relishing one such moment. Come have a look, and tell me that you too, don't thirst for the summer storms. If even just a little. ;)

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